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About Fulla Tech and Peter

This site is about tech and stuff that I find interesting and want to share with my readers.

My name is Peter and I live in the Northern part of Europe in the little Kingdom called DenmarkĀ – we are a small open economy where it is important to do trade with the surrounding countries.

I have always been interested in technic, computers and electronics – I was one of the kids that opened and disassembled old radios and tape players just out of pure curiosity.

When I bought my first 80286 computer in 1991 it was pretty uncommon as most kids had Amiga and C64 – but my interest was more in learning how to program Basic and Pascal. Although I tried different games it really couldn’t compare with the C64 graphics.

Rockford was a cool game - but the yellow colors were awful
Rockford was one of my favorite games

Later I educated myself to Programmer in 2001 with specialities in Java and C# and other object oriented languages. Although I enjoyed solving different programming challenges I longed for more influence and challenges. In 2007 I challenged career and has been since working with different aspects of management mainly in technical projects – I am currently working with a medium sized software consultancy as a Project Manager.

In my spare time I spend time with my family but I also prioritize different DIY and electronics projects.

  • Arduino and ESP8266/ESP32
  • Quadcopters
  • Electronics
  • MQTT and IoT
  • Raspberry
  • Hacking and repairing stuff

On I describes my different projects as I want to share the knowledge – hopefully you find this site interesting enough to subscribe and leave comments.

Fulla has two meanings – the most obvious for my English readers is of course “full of”. But actually Fulla is also the name of a Goddess from the ancient Nordic Viking mythology where she representedĀ bountifulness.

Fulla Tech is a site about all kinds of technology


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