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Biohacking – Intermittent fasting

I have created this site in order to spread ideas and news about technologies and science. I have always been inspired by human evolution and how we as a species constantly are progressing and challenging our boundaries.

Most of the articles on are related to electronics and computers – but hacking isn’t limited to chips and electronics since biohacking is a subject that is getting more and more attention.

Biohacking refers to the unique capability of humans to change and alter our physical body and mind – we are probably the only species that is able to change our own body and habits consciously.
Biohacking is mostly done by people that like me that are open to new ideas and breaking conventional ideas. One of the largest group of biohackers can be found in Silicon Valley, primary because people in the tech industry is constantly striving to both achieve more and be efficient.

IF – Intermittent fasting

I first learned about calorie restriction and IF from the British author and doctor, Michael Mosley, and the American doctor Valter Longo. Their research and personal experience clearly documents a big biohack effect by changing the feeding and eating patterns.

Intermittent fasting is basically the most simple diet – you live by a few simple rules and restrict yourself from eating in certain periods of the day.
IF comes with promises that you will get a number of advantages – even though not all of them has been scientifically proven they are still based upon studies done in other species such as mice and apes.

  • Longevity – live longer than other people and get old without many of dieases. Your body will age slower and you will feel better. This benefit is my main reason to live by an IF lifestyle
  • Fight and prevent cancer – although is not a guaranteed, studies suggest that IF to some extend lowers your risk of getting cancer. People will cancer can even improve their fighting chances when combing chemotherapy with fasting
  • Lower blood pressure – a more lean body will lower blood pressure
  • Healthy heart – your heart will be stronger and you will lower the risk of getting a heart attack or stroke
  • Less stomach fat – IF very effectively eliminates the stubborn stomach fat which is so dangerous especially for men
  • Autophagy – fasting activates the body in-built garbage service where old cells are recycled before they do any damage. This is a powerful mechanism that is believe to be a true source of rejuvenation where you can lower your age both physically and mentally
  • Increased levels of growth hormones – Why would you ever take artificial testosterone when you just can increase your levels of human growth hormones simply by fasting. IF promotes muscles growth and removes fat storages

Different ways to healthy fasting

In the following I will explain the most common protocols of intermittent fasting and how you practice them.

Nightly fasting 

Fasting at its most pure form – not eating while your are sleeping. This is the reason why the first meal of the day is called breakfast – you are breaking the nightly fast.

People will stop eating some hours before sleeping and this way enter the zone of fasting throughout the night.

Nightly fasting is simple and everybody can do it – just remember that it is strictly forbidden to eat anything after 20.00 depending on your sleeping habits.

Nightly fasting is a great place to start if you are a fasting newbie. Of course this pattern isn’t the most effective but you will learn how to control your cravings.

Night fasting

Fasting 1 day each week 

This is one best ways to get started with Intermittent fasting – it is a simple and easy approach for beginners.

I too started with “one-day-a-week” IF when my biohacking adventure started three years ago. I was inspired by the book “The One day cure” (“1-dagskuren” by the Danish authors Michael Jeppesen, Anders Nedergaard & Martin Borch Jensen).

1 day fasting will not be the best approach if you want to loose weight but it is a gentle way of learning to control your feeding patterns. The biggest benefit is clearly that you live as always 6 days a week.

Warrior diet 

This is a more advanced way of restricting your meals – actually you will only eat once every day 365 days a year.

I have been on the warrior diet, 23-1, for some weeks and must admit that it requires willpower and involves some trouble. It is brutal to compress all the calories into a single meal!

The idea is based upon the fact that ancient warriors seldom ate more than once a day – and when they ate it was always a big feast.  You will have to adopt eating very large portions and actually binge eat in your one hour window.

The One meal a day diet is not for everyone – and your spouse will most likely think that it is very strange to observe when you eat like a maniac once a day.

One meal per day is great for loosing weight – you will amazed with the speed of lost pounds but you will always have to be careful when stopping this IF approach again – the pounds can easily come back once you return to your normal feeding patterns.

Warrior diet

Alternate Day fasting 

Simply put you alternate between eating and fasting days.

Many people report that this is an extremely effective fasting regime – I must admit that I haven’t tried it myself.

Food experts warn about this IF pattern since they fear that you will binge eat on your eating days. I share this concern as it is hard to stop eating once you feel allowed.

Alternate day fasting

16/8 Hour fasting – skip breakfast 

The super fit Hugh Jackman as Wolverine popularized this diet where you basically just skip breakfast and then feed for 8 hours. 16/8 fasting is my personal favorite and have been practicing it for more than two years with great results.

You will typically eat between 12.00-20.00 and fast between 20.00-12.00 o’clock the next day. The routine where you skip breakfast falls natural for many people and is probably why the 16/8 diet has gained momentum in the body hacking community.

8 hours is long enough for you to enjoy more than one meal and still the 16 hour is long enough to get most of the fasting benefits such as autophagy and detoxifying your body.

I typically go 18 hours fasting and with a 5-6 hour feeding window – the optimal number of fasting hours is an individual adaption and something that you adjust along the way.

Eating like Wolverine is a great way to hack your body

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