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B&O BeoSound 8 to Streaming monster

Well I am not exactly what you would call an audiophile – but I still appreciate great sound with a lot of


While I love the simplicity of streaming from Spotify and Tidal, I really can’t remember when I last used the old CD player. But to be honest I hate the sound quality of your standard Sonos Sound system – in my opinion most modern streaming devices doesn’t the label HIFI.

Sonos is a technology for easy streaming in multiple rooms – OK that is pretty understandable that technology should be accessible to the masses but what is the price? Well in the case of Sonos the trade-off is clearly the sound quality – once you really listen to the subtle subtones in the speakers you will probably be disappointed.

But amazing sound quality exist and you might get surprised that the price tag is less than the terrible Sonos.

Recipe for a DIY streaming HIFI sound system

This guide uses the vastly popular B&O BeoSound 8 sound system, but you can of course use any decent audio system as long as it has an AUX / input channel.

The Danish B&O is renowned for it overwhelming attention to detail and quality – they never make any compromises especially when it comes to pure sound quality and standout design. The Beosound 8 is no different and it is not just yet another iPhone dock stereo system. The Beosound 8 delivers an immense and full sound landscape due to complex DSP (digital signal processing).
The B&O Hifi system was originally priced about 1,200 USD but today you can find it on Craigslist for about 155-175 USD.

The magic trick to hack the old Beosound to a streaming client is to simply add a Google Chromecast Audio device.

Steps 1:

  1. Remove the back-plate on the BeoSound 8 – pull it downwards
  2. Install the AUX cable – RCA cable into the red and white sockets
  3. Wind up the RCA cable and stuff it into the small compartment
  4. Reinstall the backplate
  5. Put a piece of doubleside Tesa tape on the backside of the Chromecast device
  6. Stick the Chromecast audio device on the BeoSound backplate

You are now ready to play music – but please note that there is an important thing to note when turning on your new upgraded Hifi system.

BeoSound 8 is primary an iPod/iPhone/iPad dock and it will lock for active audio sources before turning on. This means that you have to start the audio stream before you turn on the BeoSound 8 system, if you try to turn on the BeoSound 8 without an active stream nothing will happen.


Always start the audio stream before turning on the BeoSound. You should start the Chromecast audio stream and first then turn on the BeoSound 8

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