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Rejuvenate your body with broccoli sprouts

A technology site and an article about broccoli sprouts might seem a bit strange – but in essence our body is the most advanced machine every invented and we are still struggling to fully understand its marvel.

Like any other technology it will often break down if not proper maintained or when aging sets in. Likewise a car will not run if you never change oil and fluids. The human body is no different from any other machine and scientists are slowing realizing the aging can be delayed significant and perhaps even reversed!

We all know that health is not to be taken for granted. Furthermore good health is directly linked to what you put into your mouth. Foods like aronia berries and broccoli are renowned for their huge impact on both health and also lifespan. But did you know that the sprouts of broccoli is 10x to 100x more potent than other whole foods?

Broccolli sprouts

A new study shows that the green spouts contains the drug sulforaphane, which increases the body’s production of a number of antioxidant enzymes that can prevent respiratory disorders and even fight autism.

The broccoli spout contains 10-100 times the amount sulforaphane as fully matured broccoli, so the broccoli sprouts quickly give you a big supplement. At the same time you should know that other studies have shown that the humble broccoli spout also protects against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

How to grow broccoli sprouts the simple way

Forget the about the complicated sprouting jars – you can get healthy sprouts much simpler using this technology.

Step-by-step – from seed to sprout

  1. Place a piece of moistened cotton wool in a clean plastic tray from fruit or vegetables
  2. Rinse the broccoli seeds and distribute them on the cotton wool
  3. Put the tray in a warm place and give them about 8 hours of darkness a day
  4. After 6-7 days of the sprouts are ready – they will have to be green and not yellow
  5. They have a fine and taste and can be eaten as a simple snack, sandwich, in a burger or as topping


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