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Yes, Squishies are toxic

Squishies are a popular toy which is supposed to act as a kind of stress ball.

A squishy is a soft foam shape that comes in many different shapes and forms. They are available with different shapes like cakes, fruits, teddy bears and the like. It can be pressed together and then slowly expands.

Squishies has become a major hit with children and they collect them and compare them. The slow rising variant are especially popular according to the young Youtubers.

The Danish Consumer Council has tested Squishies

The Consumer Council of the little Nordic country Denmark has tested the chemistry in Squishies on the market. Why, simply because inquiries from Danish parents was rising complaining that the Squishies had strong chemical smell.

The tests did indeed show that the popular toys are very dangerous to children and the Environmental Protection Agency of Denmark recommends that you throw out your squishies and don’t buy new ones.
It happens after a test showed the delivery of harmful chemicals in 100% of the tested toys!

See the Danish test – use google translate 🙂

Advise when buying toys from China

Chemical odor: Use your nose when buying Chinese toys.
A toy can smell ‘ chemical ‘ or perfumed. You will be able to smell yourself to it, so use your nose. Never give the children something that smells.

Chemical odor is due to the degassing of chemicals from the product – often chemicals that is banned in US and EU.
It is not unusual for new products to smell the first days. But a persistent chemical odor is undesirable and not something to give to the children.

In children’s toys, the evaporation of chemicals is particularly undesirable. Children are more sensitive to the effects of chemicals than adults. It can hurt them in the long run and mess up their growth and hormonal balance.

Toys with perfumes are also undesirable. Perfumes can cause allergies. The longer you are in contact with the perfume on the skin, the more it increases the risk of allergy.

The Consumer Council think chemistry recommends generally to avoid perfumes in toys.

In generel buy from renowned shops either physical or on the net – shops that guaranties the safety and overall quality.

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